Invisible Green

Organic grooves, driving rhythm, and raw soul are the core of Invisible Green. Every song is crafted with each member's unique input; our distinct backgrounds converge to produce a truly original sound. With poignant lyrics, edgy guitars, funky beats, and heart pounding energy, I.G.'s live shows pulse with life, taking fans through a wide variety of motion and emotion. The band's endless stage energy fuels crowds, creating a truly alive experience. The live show is where we shine.

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Pink Elephant

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Invisible Green


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David Basile (bassist, backing vocals): Mr. Basile hails from New Jersey where as an east coast boy he grew up on heavy doses of Zepplin and Def Leppard. Dave's musical attention would later be drawn to such wide ranging likes as Blind Melon's "Soup" Album, Zakir Hussain and the Seattle explosion. Always on the hunt for new sounds this music lover spends much time listening, playing and recording whatever feels good.

Mark Harris (percussion master): The man on the beat. Mark hails from Millbrae, CA and is best known for his stunning ability to take rhythm to the edge. With a killer sense of timing and feel, Mark brings a smooth groove to the music while pumping it full of life. Mark can constantly be found out on the music scene always checking out new bands arising in the Bay area.

Matt Quirie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar): Matt's roots lie in San Francisco where he grew up in the Sunset District. From an early age Matt had an ear for music but it was not until later in life that he would pick up the guitar. Taught and encouraged by a local street performer Jefferey Ghambardeli, Matt learned the basics of rhythm and expression through music. His influences range across the board but Marley and Neil stick out the most. Matt's lyrics and distinct vocal sound help set Invisible Green apart from the crowd.

Sean Deorsey (lead guitar, backing vocals): Born a farm boy up in the rural county of Sonoma, CA, Sean started guitar at an early age as he spent endless days skateboarding and jamming. Heavily influenced by the punk scene in Santa Rosa, Sean started hacking away at his ax to become the virtuoso he is today. His early influences were the bands he caught at the Phoenix theater and Victims Family. Sean's leads have helped to give Invisible Green a distinct original sound that bleeds intensity.

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THE NEW IG EP is in!!: IG just finished their new CD (EP) and they are ready for you to order! You can purchase the new CD off our IUMA site; its only $2.50 plus shipping. Click here to purchase!! For anyone who makes it out to an IG show the CD's are free!


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