The founder and creator of chameleon Music is a bass man (sorry..person). Kutre delivers real Bass and Drum that would be considered Experimental. His album "1427 studios" has some very catchy hooks and riffs. Kutre: LIVE Drum N' Bass. Sometimes Funky, sometimes junky and even a little neurotic.

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Kutre started playing as a young boy on the Piano. After being disgusted with Piano lessons and music rules he found freedom of expression through the electric guitar in 6th grade. He took a couple of lessons and learned everything else on his own and by playing by himself and creating his own sounds.

Kutre was also fascinated with the Drums, but had no money to buy drums and soon discovered that he could release his rhytmic insides through the Bass Guitar. From there it was a roller coaster ride. Playing with different guitarists as a teenager, again taking no lessons and coming up with his own style. In his late teens, Kutre took a brief hiatus from music to discover the world.

He soon returned to his love for the Bass, inspired by a Primus show at the Berkeley Greek Theater, which also featured the legendary Mike Watt. Kutre tried playing in other bands, but mostly stuck with guitarists, which was hard because Kutre had some music that needed to be let out, but most guitarists just wanted standard bass lines so that THEY could express themselves, well...

Kutre met a drummer named Gomes in 1992 and this drummer liked playing with just the BASS, this opened up a can of worms and creativity and the music you will hear on this page and other Kutre music is a collection of tunes that these two recorded at 1427 studios in San Francisco......

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