Accomplished Pop Singer from Italy. Stefano plays many of the instruments on his CDs and has a full length Italian Album and an English EP. His main instruments are acoustic and electric guitar, but he adds keyboards, sax, bass and drums to most songs to create some very emotional tunes.

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Dimme Che Sei (Live)



Quante Volte (Version 2000)



I'm Just You



Don't tell me you love me



Falling in Love



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I'm Just You

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Stefano Gualano was born in Venice on 29th October 1967. He became fond of music at ten and learned to play the guitar, in 1984 he decided to go abroad in search of new room to play. So he arrived in Austria and started playing and singing in many pubs and clubs in Wien and, here, he was offered a recording contract by a record company. After playing with several musicians, world-known by now, he started a series of acoustic tours which took him to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In the meantime, Stefano worked at numerous important recordings, such as, the recording of the song "Arriva Ravilla" for a national spot which was produced by Polygram (Austria). He also wrote many lyrics in the Italian language for some celebrated Austrian artists (for Lupo, Falco, and many others).He took part in the "Serenissima 89" Festival and in the "Castrocaro Italian Song Festival" where he was awarded second place. The album "Ricordi" of Italian songs was issued in 1994 together with the Christoph Mahdalik co-production and meanwhile, Stefano went on playing and singing in the most important clubs and pubs of Northern Italy. At the end of 1994, he came back to Italy where he met Riccardo Benelli, guitar player, decided to start a band called "Bad Boys" which offered a quite new unplugged show with old and new songs, foreign covers and not, sung in their own style and peculiar ways. The exceptional voice of Stefano and the excellent technique of Riccardo's guitar playing have helped make the "Bad Boys" a band much appreciated by audiences. In 1996, Stefano worked hard at his new album of English songs: the maxi single CD entitled "I'm Just You". The presentation of this last work was completed at the end of 1997 in collaboration with the most important local radio and television stations. The business issue was on 13th January 1998, and then the CD was distributed by SELF Group (Milan). For this project, Stefano started a new band which played in many places in Italy and also in Austria to promote the new recording and all of Stefano's songs.Regarding the cover of "I'm Just You", the model in the photos is Miky, and top Italian model, who actually works as a show-woman for the main Italian television.

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