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iTunes Music Store Industry leading download store sells restricted downloads for 99 cents each.
9 Squared the leader in handset delivery of music Possible IPod killer
ATT Wireless This is the mobile Download store myMmode, branded by AT&T and powered by Loudeye, currently active in the US and Europe.
Audio Lunchbox $.99 download store for PC and Mac, focusing exclusively on independent content. Sells permanent downloads in mp3 and ogg format.
Big Pond BigPond is an Australian internet service provider that has entered the music download space. BigPond is one of two major Australian download services (Destra being the other), selling permanent restricted downloads of 128 kbps WMA files. The files are limited to one computer, two portable devices, and three CD burns. They offer both major label and indie content at $1.89/ track, $18.50/ album (Australian Dollars).
Burn Lounge BurnLounge is a new download service offering restricted Windows Media files for computer and portable device use. They are very unique, in that they enable individual consumers to set up their own download stores.
Daiki Sound Large Japanese distributor and Importer for downloads and brick and mortar including kiosks. Also have several high-end magazines
Destra Music Australian internet services company provides a digital download store to several third parties such as and Selling standard restricted WMA9 downloads.
Download Punk Punk Rock-focused niche music $.99 download service
Ecast Ecast Inc. distributes digital jukeboxes to bars, clubs, and other locations. Patrons pay to play one or more songs; if the songs are not stored locally, they are downloaded over the broadband connection from a central server. is a niche download service targeting the American Spanish-speaking and Latin American markets. They offer standard mp3 downloads for $.99.
eMusic This pioneer in online downloading has a base of subscribers pay $10, $15, or $20 for a limited number of downloads of high quality 192 kbps mp3 files. Subscribers can pay extra to download additional mp3s above the subscription limit.
Forel Mobile
FutureTrax FutureTrax is an independent niche download store focusing on legal downloads of electronic, indie, urban, and dance music. Selling non-DRM'd 192kbps mp3 files for the standard $0.99.
GroupieTunes Downloads of mobile ringtones from independent artists
Karma Download Karma Download is a relatively new download service based in the UK. They are focused 100% on independent music (good) and downloads in the ever versatile MP3 format (good, good). The music is available in high quality files of 192kbps - 256kbps. The genre trees are very deep and there is plenty of suggestion-based programming, which make the site a great discovery engine. They will continue to add features in the coming months, including a radio service for new releases and recommended tracks.
Koodoo Music Koodoo is a French download site that is dedicated to indie-only music. Koodoomusic has been around for a while as a mail order CD retailer, and now they are expanding into digital.
Lampshade Music Lampshade presents a unique opportunity to reach large audiences via their very clever distribution model. iPods, pre-loaded with music, are provided to hundreds of hotels, restaurants, spas, and various resorts for use as mini-jukeboxes, background music, or as individual rental units to their guests. Current Lampshade partners include Renaissance Hotels, Hard Rock Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Tishman Hotel Group, Westin Hotels, KOR Hotel Group, and the Benihana Corporation.
Liquid Digital Media Online pioneer recently back in the game providing backend services to power 3rd party stores, including and Tower Records download stores. Selling standard restricted WMA9 downloads at discount prices.
MSN Music Service click for msn music service
MusicMatch Popular jukebox player offers a $.99 download store in addition to its MusicMatchMX interactive radio subscription service for $4.95/mo.
MusicNet Subscription service powers AOL Music, Virgin (US), Ctrax, and the new Yahoo! Music service. Offers unlimited streams and sales of downloads by the bunch, with a la carte download store coming soon.
MusicNow Circuit City's subscription radio streaming and unlimited download service, with offerings at $4.95 and $9.95 per month, along with CD Burns and Portable Downloads for $.99 each.
Napster Napster offers a portable subscription service with unlimited streams and restricted downloads for $14.95/month, along with permanent downloads selling for $.99 each with minimal usage restrictions.
OD2(Loudeye) Multiple store distribution deal in Europe - over 40 storefronts in 10 European countries. The retailers all have somewhat different pricing structures, but in general, they all use a model based on buying “credits”, where a credit is approximately equal to a penny. They tend to bundle a certain number of downloads and streams into packages and allow some price breaks for volume purchasing.
Passalong Networks Passalong is a digital music download service that encourages community by rewarding legal and secure music sharing. Users can buy and download music in secure WMA format, and they can also create custom mixes to share with the community. A user can also recommend music to friends by emailing or instant messaging 30-second clips. By recommending music through messages and mixes, a user can earn "PassAlong Points", which are then redeemable for free music.
Peer Impact Legal peer to peer music service and software application. Our artists are paid for each shared transaction. Very cool.
Puretracks Puretracks is the largest standalone digital retailer in Canada. They sell large catalogs from both majors and indies, and have integrated online radio. They also power online stores for consumer brands, music labels, and broadband/wireless providers.
Real Rhapsody Network Subscription service from Real Networks', offering unlimited streaming and internet radio for $9.95/month, CD Burns for 79 cents, and an upcoming non-subscription ala carte download store.
Ruckus Network Ruckus Network is a university subscription service, striking deals with campuses to offer subscription music to students as part of tuition fees. They currently work with a number of large universities in the US, including state universities in New York, Illinois, and North Carolina. Songs are DRM'd and offered as 192 kbps WMA streaming-only or as tethered downloads only to portable devices registered by the user. Ruckus does not sell permanent downloads or CD Burns.
Sound Exchange Sound Exchange ( was designated by the US Copyright Office to collect royalties for DMCA statutory webcasting licenses. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), created in 1998, allows for non-interactive, non-subscription streaming of digital music. Royalties for this use are paid by webcasters to SoundExchange, which then deducts its administration fee and then pays out proportionate shares of these monies
Sony Connect Sony Connect is Sony's download store, featuring extensive integration amongst all Sony devices, including PCs, Playstations, mobile phones, and portable music devices. Notable for choosing the proprietary ATRAC3 format for its download files.
Soundbuzz Soundbuzz is a download store in Singapore, focused on the Singapore, Hong Kong market, Australian, and other Asian markets to come. It is powerd by BigPond/Telstra, a large Australian broadband provider/ISP. Soundbuzz offers downloads in the Windows Media format @ 128 kbps The retail price will vary a bit from territory to territory
Starbuck's Hear Music The coffee giant is experimenting with digital music kiosks in their cafés, starting with a few select locations in the US with big expansion plans for the future. The kiosks will allow a user to burn CD’s on demand, mixing songs and outputting printed packaging with liner notes. Pricing is similar to typical download services, with an extra fee for the physical CD and the packaging. The first seven tracks cost $8.99 with additional tracks available for $.99 each.
Tmobile-Online T-Online is the German operation for the mobile carrier, T-Mobile International. Musicload is their newly launched online download store, and they have plans to power more stores for RTL NEW Media GmbH, AG Co KG, WOM Media Network GmbH, ProSieben Television GmbH, Rewe-Unterhaltungselektronik, and Karlsberg Brauerei GmbH. DRM Rules:
Touchstand Touchstand is a service that provides in-store kiosks for physical retail outlets. The kiosks are capable of burning on-demand CD's as well as download unrestricted files to portable devices. The devices themselves have 17" inch screens, receipt printers, a dock for the devices, bar-code reader, internet connection, and lots of other features. Users can search and browse for music in a variety of ways and then preview clips as well as artwork and any promotional photos and text. They then purchase the music directly from the kiosk. Files are delivered in unrestricted, high quality MP3, which will allow compatibility for any portable device.
Verizon Wireless Even more compelling than ring tone services, Verizon is introducing the concept of "dual distribution,” where a mobile phone user can simply & easily purchase music for use on both their handset as well as their home computer at the same time. A "dual download" delivers a small, efficient file to the handset over the air, and it can be stored and listened to whenever the user wants. When the user gets to their PC and logs on, a quality WMA 192 will be queued up for download. There is also a stand-alone "iTunes-style" download store available on the web, and the pricing and rates are very similar to iTunes.
Virtual Music Stores Early pioneer of in-store CD burning. Best Buy and Loblaw's are their outlets
Yahoo Music click for yahoo music